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How to Stop Being an Environmental Slob While Traveling

This month, we’re diving into Plastic Free July, a time where we can finally shine the light on plastic consumption like the fluorescent bulb at a department store changing room. Talking about plastic consumption isn’t pretty, can be uncomfortable, and at times shows flaws in ourselves that...


2015: New Year, New Goals

Welcome to the new year! January always brings a feeling of freshness, rebirth, and opportunity regardless on your feelings towards new years resolutions… Or crankiness at the sudden influx of New Years Revolutionaries at your gym. I’ve certainly spent the past few days reflecting on the year...


The Worst Thing About Indonesia: The Trash Problem

“Why did you just throw that into the ocean?… WHY?” The fishermen who had just tossed a bottle filled with yellow liquid overboard began giggling. “It’s petrol!” They laughed. “Why would you throw petrol into the water?!” Moritz jumped into the ocean and began swimming towards the bottle...