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Attack of the Lovebirds in Lucerne, Switzerland

Lucerne is beautiful. I could leave my post just with that statement and splatter pictures everywhere, but everyone knows I’m way too long-winded for that. Lucerne is the type of place that puts even the most fantastical of Disney movies to shame. It’s clean, old-style architecture with...


Lausanne, Switzerland

Rewind back to Lyon, where I sat in an apartment room sending messages to potential hosts hoping to line up accommodation plans for my journey through Switzerland. Being a solo and female traveler, I try to be as safe as possible – always checking for references,...


Switzerland Tried To Kill Me

This post is simply about the first hour of my stay in Geneva, Switzerland. My train arrived in Geneva and I immediately bolted to my next couchsurfing host’s house in a frenzy. My time in Geneva would most likely be short so I wanted to hit...