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When Kitemares Come True: My Worst Kitesurfing Moments

Kitesurfing is a high-maintenance sport. There’s absolutely no refuting this. Let’s just look at the gear. You throw down a fortune on the kite, harness, bar and lines, board, and bindings. Any gear that’s torn, rusted, or sandy is sure to be a safety hazard and needs...


Shark Bay, Western Australia: Kitesurfing With Sharks

Kitesurfing in Shark Bay “They wanted to do a competitive swim across Shark Bay but the city reckons it’s too risky,” the pub owner explained and coyly flashed his teeth. At the sound of this, I quickly reflected on the three ways that Australians name places....


Margaret River Region Surf Spot Guide

Margaret River Surf Spot Guide Aside from karri forests, family owned wineries, fields of wildflowers, active wildlife, adventure activities, delicious food, friendly locals, and untouched beaches, Margaret River is one of the best places in the world to find an unridden, perfect wave. If you’re visiting...