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First Impressions of Timor-Leste (East Timor)

A few months ago, I went on a spontaneous (and hectic) trip to Timor-Leste with a couple of my friends. Truth be told, I probably couldn’t point it out on a blank map and knew nothing of its complex history before my visit. It ended up...


Motorbiking (and Crashing) Around Nusa Penida

“I’ve never driven a motorbike before… is it dangerous?” Hannah asked, fully trusting my response. “Well, we’ll go really slow. It’ll be fine.” Nusa Penida is an island off of the coastline of Bali near Nusa Lembongan. When Justine from Travel Lush wrote a post on how...


The Extreme Sports List: Want to Try Them All?

The amount of activities that are added to the extreme sports list keep growing every year, as athletes get more and more innovative and their craving for adrenaline increases. Just when you think humans couldn’t get any crazier, they do things like invent speedriding or start climbing...