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The Pokemon You Meet When You Travel

Here are the Pokemon you’re likely to meet while traveling, where to catch them, and how to lure them. Weedle Weedle is the timid, scared backpacker who during the midst of an early-life crisis, booked the cheapest flight out of her hometown of Smalltown, USA. Though she’s...

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Sydney: Hitting the Tourist Highlights

Australians might snub those who incorrectly think that Sydney, not Canberra, is the capital of this sun-scorched country. But are outsiders really the ones to blame? Sydney is by far the largest and most populated city in Australia, often grazing news articles around the globe. When...

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A Warning to Yogis Traveling to Germany

In Germany, I was asked a simple question. “Do you want to go to yoga?” The question was simple enough. I do yoga. I like yoga. Why not? Moritz and I trotted into a yoga studio during our visit to Mainz, Germany. In the waiting room, yogis...